Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Staying "Army Strong"

So my baby has been in NTC(National Training Center) what feels like forever, but its only been about 3 weeks, but i miss him ! ... we haven't been able to talk like we use to but i still manage to get a "one minute" sneak call in or a sneak text or two, the point being...WE STILL communicate but not lately. I havent heard from him in three days, not heads up or anything. i know you other army wives are probably laughing at me because i said three days, but bare with me im new to this lifestyle.... me and Brandon have been INSEPARABLE since we first started dating. whether we saw each other, oovoo'd, facebook'd or even sent each other text messages we still managed to keep in contact. he calls me every break he gets and i fell hard for those things(yes ! i know we broke up at one point, but we still ended up talking to each other... you could feel the tension and anger, but we still talked) now its been three long days with me having no idea when i will get another call or text has taken a toll on me, emotionally/physically. the main problem is i had no time to brace myself for this. ive been having sleepless nights ( im scared to fall asleep and not be able to wake up to receive his phone call) and ive been" in my feelings" about everything. im always on the verge of tears or crying, im startig to find myself doing the things he does when were together like sleeping with no pants on (sounds crazy i know). i have tried taking the other wives advice and started getting out more, but like everything else that hasnt seemed to work either. im either telling the whole world "what Eady would be doing if he where here" or just not wanting to be involved in what im doing because i am constantly checking my phone for any "missed calls" from him. these days have felt like months, and im just dying inside becuase i just HAVE to know how he is feeling, but i cant :'(

This is my bracelet... i cherish it like its worth a million dollars. i have been wearing it everyday since hes been gone. i eat, sleep, go out, and even work out with it on... im not taking it off until he comes back home. Every time i look at it, it reminds me of the times we have laughed together. it reminds me of the crazy things me and him do when we are together. (if you are wondering what the charm says, it says: "my soldier makes my <3 go BOOM) i know you smiled when you read that, i smile too when i read it !

I cant wait to order mines soon !!!! i have been wanting one sooo badly, i would love more than anything to keep something of him close to my heart daily ! ( if any of you would like to know where to get this ill post a link at the bottom of the page where you can purchase one. hopefully money is right and i will purchase me and him one, so if her does so happen to get deployed, he doesnt have to look in his wallet to find where his heart is 

Its the little things like this (the bracelet, the dog tags that keeps me going on the times i cant hear from him.. He makes me so Happy if only you all whos reading this really knew ! what do you all do to keep yourselves staying "army strong" while he is away ??

* ill do another blog with a list all all the good sites to go to to represent you soldier :o)