Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A bit of everything

Soo I had a minor talk with my mother today about getting married, I usually don't like the talks because I find them very strange and kinda uncomfortable but this one was okay..... I kinda eased thru the subject, because I'd feel better if "he" was here with me but, army calls. I got the total opposite response from what I expected. Her feelings where like mines, she feels as though we should begin marriage counseling to learn more about who we are begining to be as a couple. (Its not like we have kids together??) But its hard because his deployment soon :/ . She was also concerned about the "transition", we reside in two different states so its kinda hard. I have this friend named Alice who's going thru the same exact thing but except her and her fiance decided to get married in september, while he stays in GA and get the housing and everything situated, while she stays in Jacksonville until after her semester of school is done. I liked that idea ! Soo idk yet, I'm praying everything works out && I'm doing it a day at a time :o)