Tuesday, August 16, 2011

What do I do?*

It hurt me more than anything to see him hurt the way he did. The part that even hurt the most was.... I couldn't do anything to help ! I did all I could to make her change her mind, but hell has no fury like a woman scorned. This was the hardest thing ever . What do I do ?? I'm 100+miles away... I just wanted to hold him ! and reasure him that this battle is far from lost or over. But how can I reasure him on something that's not even mine ?? Something I had no input creating. I could just give him a child ? I'll do anything to have him happy ! But that can create an even bigger problem. creating another baby won't replace the one he originally created, its nothing like your first born ! I would know! I remember when I was in that position, && hurt because he had no chance to even experience my love.. I was truly hurt, I wanted him back.. and I would do whatever I could to get him back. Till I realized, somethings you gotta let go .. but that's besides the point back to my love, what do I do ? Even if I tried to make him happy again and give him his hearts desire, what's the oods it'll be a girl?? Then I would feel like I let him down. Maybe I should give him time to himself... I'm really lost right now. I know that he's gonna fight this and I'm down with him to the very end.. but in the end I feel like every day its a what happens next ??