Thursday, August 25, 2011

a lil soem :)

There she goes again, smiling like he's home, laughing a voice of a child.
Her words of wisdom, make you think she been around a while.
The shine in her smile catches most hearts.
You see her out and never would you think, she's alone most of her nights.
In her eyes, there are neither rich nor poor.
With her touch no broken heart aches for too long.
She walks tomorrow but her mind rests in flashbacks of those moments with him till sunrise.
No surprise to anyone that she buries emotions, that's all she has known, is to live for everyone else.
She lives out "No woman is complete without chap-stick and polish on her toes"
Her motto is "Life is about giving" making people smile, makes her smile.
She wouldn't dare to show her misery or loneliness.
What kind of soldier's love would she be?
She's trying to bloom right where she is planted.
"That's life, sometimes it hurts, but it's all we got" she says.
She preaches that "Happiness is a choice" so her ability to live up to that is 100% effort.
You will never feel her soaken pillow or hear the desperate prayers, nor the sound of a separation in her ears.
All you will see is her big heart still dances with HOPE like absolutely no other.
Her smile still brightens with pride, in her soldier, along with his fellow men.
He is the man of her life and no deployment or Army can take that away.
She is just doing her duty on this side of the world.